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Our Cocktail heritage

Our Cocktail heritage

Nicholson's relationship with cocktails dates back to the 1930's when we featured heavily in the great cocktail books of the time, Harry Craddock’s ‘The Savoy Cocktail Book’, Harry McElhone’s ‘Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktails’ and Albert Stevens Crockett’s ‘The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book’, these books are still used by bartenders in 2022 such is the reverence in which they are held.

Harry's ABC Cocktails

But why is this? well we have to look a little further back in time to get to the real answer. Nicholson's original London Dry strapline was for many years "The Purest Spirit ever made' and this was no idle boast, such is the purity of taste of Nicholson that bartenders have loved using it as an accompaniment and base for cocktails.

Nicholson simply doesn't fight with the cocktail, like many of todays botanical heavy spirits who have had to invent ever more elaborate cocktails, the great cocktails such as the Gimlet, the Tom Collins, The Negroni and the Martini have all demanded a Nicholson.








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